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Fuel Pressure Test Kit w/ Billet Aluminum Fuel Filter Cap-Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Part # SK975-KIT

Fuel Pressure Test Kit with Billet Aluminum Fuel Filter Cap, Gauge, and Hose

This Billet Aluminum Filter Lid is made in USA of the highest quality materials

This part is proudly manufactured by TamerX Diesel in the United States

Product Features:

  •  Liquid filled gauge

  •  Billet aluminum fuel filter cap and 1/4 male flare with Schrader valve

  •  Extended-length hose with Schrader valve connection

UPC: 086547485012

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TamerX Fuel Pressure Test Kit for Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Applications

This part is proudly manufactured by TamerX Diesel in the United States

This billet aluminum fuel filter cap is made in USA of the highest quality materials


  •  Liquid Filled Gauge
  •  Extended-length Hose with Schrader valve connection
  •  Billet aluminum filter cap includes 1/4 male flare with Schrader valve


This billet cap allows for proper checking of fuel pressure. The hose has a screw on fitting that will not leak fuel. This makes it easy to remove the cap after testing, or to remove the line and leave the cap installed on the vehicle.


Fuel Pressure

The fuel pressure on the Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Diesel is very critical. This is one of the first things that should be checked when drivability issues are be experienced. The liquid filled gauge and extended hose allow for the operator to drive vehicle and read gauge under pressure. The fuel injectors on the 6.0 are designed to run at 65 plus psi The fuel cools the injector as well as lubricates the injector. If the engine is operated with low fuel pressure. Damage could be done to the injectors

Oil Pressure

The oil pressure on the Powerstroke 6.0L is very Important because the lube pump pressure supplies the high pressure oil pump with oil. Without proper pressure in the system many other components will begin to fail. Oil Pressure Gauge!!! The gauge you see on the inside of truck is actually a switch. Warning!!! The Gauge/Switch doesn't read low until 7 psi low oil pressure signs: A. Rocker Arm Failure B. Turbo actuator problems C. Hard starts

If you have a problem with your for Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Diesel you need the ability to test your fuel and oil pressure on a regular basis. This will save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Before taking the truck to a shop, understand yourself the status of your diesel engine. Trust me, too many shops are just "parts changers". If the fuel or the oil pressure are not up to spec, the effects are widespread.


Make: Ford

Model: F-Series, E-Series Super Duty

Engine: Power Stroke 6.0 Diesel

Year: 2003-2007

Warranty: Lifetime 

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Part Number SK975-KIT
Warranty 12 Months Unlimited 1 Million Miles Follow Link for details


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