TamerX Engine Oil Pump Repair Kit for Ford Powerstroke 6.0L 2003-10 Navistar VT365 2003-07

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TamerX Front Engine Cover Repair

TamerX offers a Revelation repair option for the Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Diesel and the Navistar International VT365. When your lube pump loses the ability to build pressure because of damage in the front engine cover and Gerotor pump. TamerX has the solution.

Key Features:

  • Completely eliminates the need to replace the front engine cover
  • Reduces labor time by approximately 7 hours
  • Stronger than original part
  • Restores Engine Oil pressure

Engine Oil Pump Repair Kit

Part #: TX-EOP60K

TX-EOP60K Engine Oil Pump Repair Kit for Ford Powerstroke 6.0L 2003-10 & Navistar VT365 2003-07

Running your Ford Powerstroke 6.0L diesel engine at correct oil pressure levels is critical to ensure efficient operation and to prevent damage to many of its components, including the high-pressure oil pump and diesel fuel injectors. The OEM oil pressure gauge on these trucks actually functions as a switch rather than as a gauge. The oil pressure reading is inaccurate at best. There is also a warning light that denotes low oil pressure, but will not engage until the gauge shows less than 7 PSI of oil pressure. This makes other methods of checking oil pressure on your truck essential.

Over time, a variety of factors can contribute to degradation or damage to the lube pump (Sometimes also referred to as a low-pressure oil pump) front engine cover, and Gerotor pump, thus reducing the level of oil pressure that the pump is able to produce. This is a problem that can create a chain reaction or domino effect of other issues and part failures. In addition to providing lubrication to the engine itself, the lube pump is also responsible for supplying oil to the high-pressure oil pump, which in turn supplies the IPR (Injection Pressure Regulator) valve, which drives the diesel fuel injectors.

Any of these parts can sustain damage or suffer from decreased operating efficiency if the amount of oil supplied to them by the lube pump is insufficient.

TamerX Diesel Products has created and patented the perfect time-saving repair option to resolve all these issues and improve your overall engine . Our oil pump repair kit (Part# TX-EOP60K) is stronger and more durable than the original equipment, will restore engine oil pressure, and reduces the labor time of the repair by approximately 7 hours. It is a complete kit made in USA and is perfect for do it yourselfers.

In terms of overall price, our lube pump repair kit is comparable to the purchase of a new OEM front engine cover, Gerotor pump, billet cover plate, and crank seal. The real savings come in the form of the increased strength and durability of the parts and the significantly reduced labor time for the repairs.

The TamerX TX-EOP60K Oil Pump Repair Kit includes the following components:

  • 1- OEM Gerotor Pump
  • 1- OEM Crank Seal
  • 1- OEM Cover Seal Gasket
  • 1- TamerX Billet Aluminum Cover
  • 1- TamerX Steel Pressure Wear Plate

The kit is designed for the following applications:

  • Make: Ford & Navistar

  • Models: F250, F350, F450, F550, F650, F750, E350, E450, E550, 4300

  • Year Range: 2003-2010 (Ford), 2003-2007 (Navistar)

  • Engines: Ford Powerstroke 6.0L & Navistar VT365

More Information
Part NumberTX-EOP60K

The TamerX TXEOP60-K is an American made service solution for the Navistar and Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Diesel Engine. This Lube Pump repair kit is comparable in price to using OEM parts 1 front engine cover, Gerotor Pump, Cover plate Crank Seal. The Patented Solution TamerX offers give you a more durable lube system and saves labor by as much as 7.5 hours.

Additional Information From The Manufacturer

The engine lubrication system on a Ford Powerstroke 6.0L diesel engine is very delicate. Due to the interconnection of many of the systems, even the slightest loss of pressure in one component can affect multiple different areas of engine . On the 6.0L Powerstroke, the high-pressure oil pump supplies oil pressure to the fuel injectors, and is usually the first suspect when oil pressure problems arise. However, the HPOP is supplied by another pump that, in OEM trucks, wears quickly and almost undetectably. In many cases, people look to the HPOP when the oil and fuel systems are malfunctioning, when really the low-pressure oil pump/supply pump/lube pump could be starving the HPOP of oil, which is why it is not providing the correct amount of pressure. In OEM trucks, this pump is enclosed in an all-aluminum cast and gyrates to supply oil pressure to the rest of the system and to lubricate the engine. Due to its design, even the smallest groove in its metal to metal contact causes a loss of pressure. This can occur from any common piece of engine debris, usually a needle bearing, since all the oil must pass through this pump. However, this problem is difficult to detect since the engine oil pressure gauge used on the 6.0L Ford is more of a switch than a gauge, and only signifies low oil pressure when it is below 7 PSI. At that point, the entire engine could be in danger.

TamerX Diesel Products has completely reengineered the lube pump itself with its own proprietary, patented technology. By including a wear plate for the pump to sit on and a reengineered billet aluminum cover, you now can expect maximum longevity from both your oil and fuel systems. Due to the difference in materials, scratches and grooves are no longer an issue, which means you benefit from a continuous supply of oil. As a result, any new problems that may occur with the truck’s systems can be localized and identified much more quickly, shortening your vehicle’s down time.

1.Eliminates the need to replace the front engine cover
2.Time-saving solution
3.Complete kit
4.Made for do it yourself project
5.Improves engine
6.Made in USA
ModelF250,F350,F450,F550,F650,F750,E350,E450,E550, 4300,
Year Range2003-2010
EnginePowerstroke 6.0L, VT365
Product TypeOil Pump Repair Kit
Warranty12 Month / Unlimited Mileage
Year Range2003-2010
Item ReturnsThis item can be returned
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