Core Charge

What is a Core Charge?

A core charge (also called "core deposit") is similar to the deposit you might pay for a can or bottle of soda and is a standard requirement in the auto parts industry. For example, in many states, to promote recycling, you pay a deposit when you purchase a can of soda and receive your deposit back when you return the empty can. Many automotive parts have a core charge, or core price, that works in essentially the same way as a soda can deposit.

TamerX Diesel Products handles any core charges that apply to the diesel part you are purchasing in three different ways:

Method 1

30 Day Core Charge Hold

Select "I have a returnable core and will put my credit card on hold for the core" from the CORE dropdown menu when purchasing your part.
This means that you authorize TamerX Diesel Products, LLC to hold your credit card for the specified core charge amount and that you agree to return your core with 30 days of receiving the purchased part. When we have received your core return, the hold is released and the core charge payment is canceled.

Method 2

Immediate Core Charge Payment

Select "I  do not have a returnable core" from the CORE dropdown menu when purchasing your part.
The amount of the specified core charge will be added to your order total at this time and paid for during your purchase. When we have received your core return and it is logged into our system, the amount you paid for the core charge will be fully refunded to the same payment method you used to make the original purchase. If this is not possible for any reason, an alternate method will be used to issue the core refund (for example refund by check or via PayPal).

Method 3

Core Return For Warranty Activation

On select TamerX diesel parts, a core return is required, but there will be no core charge or credit card hold. In these cases, returning your core is a condition of activating the part's warranty. Should you choose to not return your core or are for some reason unable to do so, TamerX Diesel Products, LLC reserves the right to void the product warranty.

Additional Core Return Details & Requirements:     

  • The customer, or parts buyer, is responsible for any shipping costs associated with core returns unless otherwise specified in the product listing/detail page. TamerX offers prepaid UPS shipping labels (SKU numbers UPS-CR1 and UPS-CR2) for use in returning your core that are available for purchase on our website during your shopping/order process. The shipping label you will need to use for the core return is dependent upon what part you are purchasing. UPS-CR1 is good for cores weighing up to 20 pounds. UPS-CR2 is appropriate for shipping cores weighing 21 pounds or more.

  • You must include enough information with the core return that clearly identifies it as a) a Core Return, and b) contains enough information we can use to clearly associate the core return with your order. Including a copy of the invoice or packing slip that came with the original shipment, clearly marked "Core Return", is ideal. Alternately, you can include a note marked as "Core Return" that  includes your order number, full name and address, and phone number or other contact information. Failure to include this information with your returned core will most likely delay any due core credit being issued and/or delay any applicable warranty activation.

  • Core returns need to be for the exact part purchased and cannot be damaged. Substituting another part in place of the part you have purchased is not acceptable.

  • All fluids must be drained.

  • If you have purchased a set or a parts package, you will need to return cores for all components of the set. For example, if you have purchaed a high pressure oil pump with an IPR valve, you will need to return both HPOP and IPR valve cores to receive proper credit. If you have purchased an EGR cooler/EGR valve package, your core return must consist of an EGR cooler core and an EGR valve core, or core credit will not be given.

  • Core Charges are often mandated by state legislature, and, as such, the actual core charge and taxes on the charge may vary depending on the state in which you buy your part. The Tamerx core charge presented to you online today with your item is representative of the most common core charge.