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TamerX offers a full selection of the Highest Quality EGR Coolers for the Navistar International DT466 Engine.  Customers choose TamerX because of its attention to quality and detail.  The TamerX EGR Cooler is made from the highest quality stainless tubing.  The product is TIG welded By skilled craftsman is the USA. The EGR Cooler designed by TamerX want crack and become clogged with exhaust particulate because of its Proriority design properties.

The first DT466 engines came with a square designed EGR Cooler.  This design was then replaced with a round EGR Cooler that would then be the replacement for the square design.  TamerX offers both square and round EGR Coolers for the DT466 engine. Both coolers come with the TamerX engineering improvements.  Choosing what cooler is up to the installers preference.

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  • EGR Cooler International/Navistar DT466 2003-2007 Part # EGR733

    EGR Cooler Part # EGR733

    OEM: 1871733C95


    • MAKE: Navistar/International
    • MODEL: 4300LP,4400,7300,7400,7500,HC,FE,RE,CE
    • ENGINE: DT466
    • YEAR: 2003-2007


    $150.00 Note: Core Deposit deferred for 30 Days

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