TamerX Diesel Products Parts & Diesel Specialty Tools Warranty Information

TamerX Warranty Shield


Thank you very much for choosing TamerX to take care of your diesel parts needs, we truly appreciate your business.

TamerX Diesel Products stands behind every diesel part and specialty tool that we offer by providing a generous, longer than industry standard warranty on all of our products. If you experience an issue or failure with any product you have purchased from us, just give us a call in order to initiate the warranty process. You can count on us to do whatever we can to resolve your issue and get your diesel truck back in service and on the road again as quickly as possible.


The terms, conditions, and details of our warranty vary from product to product. Specific warranty details can be found below.


TamerX Diesel provides a replacement warranty on all of our parts. The duration and mileage limitations of the warranty vary by product and are specified on the product's detail page/item listing.


Please note that the warranty covers replacement of the part and the cost of shipping the replacement part to you only. It does not cover any shop, labor, towing, or any similar or related costs. This is not a "money back guarantee".


If you experience a problem with your part or it is not functioning properly, the correct warranty procedure is to call us at 843-933-3050 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET Monday through Friday). Be sure to have your order number and/or other relevant order information ready so we can easily locate your order and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. From that point, we will review with you any troubleshooting steps that may need to be taken and other areas or systems that can be checked to rule out external problems contributing to your part's issue. If a replacement is determined to be necessary, we will then arrange for your replacement part to ship out ASAP and issue any necessary return shipping labels and/or documents.


As is the case for the majority of the diesel products sold on TamerX.com, your part's warranty is active as soon as you install it. In some other cases, warranty activation is contingent upon you sending us your core (i.e., your old part). TamerX will provide you a return shipping label for parts that have a warranty with a core return condition. When we have received your core return, the part's warranty coverage begins. We reserve the right to void the product warranty if your core is not received within the allotted time, or if it isn't received at all. If the warranty for the diesel part you are purchasing has a core return requirement, it will be clearly noted on the product detail page/item listing.


Please remember, since your part is covered by the TamerX warranty, your first step in the event of a problem with your part is to call us first. If you do not follow this procedure and have another company or shop/mechanic replace the part without contacting us, the part's warranty will be voided and we may not honor it.